White papers are so 1999!

Content that engages and informs is essential to running a successful lead generation campaign. More than case studies and white papers, B2B content has evolved into video, eBooks and infographics.

Here is the place to find some great ideas for content to use as part of building a sales pipeline.

Add multimedia to a press release - and increase awareness by up to 77%.
— Hubspot, 2011

Evolve your white paper into an ebook

Even though white papers are still widely used by B2B content marketers, they have evolved into ebooks, blogs and video. Unlock hidden potential with a new approach to communicating a proposition. See examples here of a new breed of content.

Use video for greater engagement

YouTube is now the second biggest search engine on the internet. 100 hours of video is being uploaded every minute today. Video is your most powerful tool in content marketing - it is also the most expensive. So getting it right is key. 

Infographics deliver results

Used for years by newspapers, magazines and even your dusty old school textbook, to communicate key facts and ideas visually. Infographics are a useful tool in your content marketing arsenal.

The right partner for engaging content

If you're looking for content to engage and drive demand - look no further than Aamplify - check out the B2B content marketing specialists.

Learn more about how to diversify your content and make it work for your business.



This eBook is brimming with ideas and examples of how to use content to drive demand.

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