A five step guide to getting market traction fast

So, you’re a startup with some clever software or a killer service offering, but you're struggling to build a sales pipeline. Worse still, you find it difficult to accurately define your key audience – let alone engage with them meaningfully.

It’s not an unfamiliar situation for a new technology company to be in. You may have tried a number of outbound marketing exercises, only to exhaust your budget for a meager return on investment. Same old, same old.  

More than 50% of New Zealand based startups export.
— Market Measures 2013

The good news is that the new world of online content marketing is at hand and when executed effectively, provides a proven way to drive sales and lift brand visibility.

So what is it?

Put simply, content marketing leverages the inter-connectedness of the online world to create awareness, target interested parties and generate genuine buying desire – and it does so using real stories and real content. When executed effectively it provides a proven way to drive sales and lift brand visibility.

Crouch, touch, pause, ENGAGE

Rise above the chatter of an increasingly noisy marketplace by creating relevant content that is easy to find and easy for your key audiences to understand. Pushing out generic offers using hackneyed advertising platforms is an old world approach. The key is to establish inbound interest and to do that you need to engage buyers with the personality of your brand. People want experiences, not just transactional relationships.

Five steps to get market traction as a startup

Learn more about defining your audience, gathering the right expertise and engaging in a meaningful way.

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