Stop wasting your time on unqualified leads

You've done some market research, and on the face of it your offerings stand head and shoulders above your competitors' - better quality, more feature rich and competitively priced - but turning leads into sales is a challenge.

So why, despite spending thousands on advertising are you not getting cut through? Whether it's B2B or B2C, buyers have become less sensitive to traditional marketing methods, forcing companies to change the way they communicate in order to get noticed.

Companies which have adopted this new model see a 45% lift in quality lead generation – those which convert to sales.
— MarketingSherpa

New model marketing

Content marketing merges lead generation with demand generation, using methods like search engine, display and social marketing to increase customer engagement and generate leads off the back of downloadable content designed to educate and position your business as the go-to provider.

The age of marketing with

So what does this mean from a sales perspective? Instead of marketing 'to' the consumer with sporadic marketing campaigns using generic messages, the new model of marketing lets you market 'with' the buyer using personalised messages in real time.

Content marketing isn't about being the loudest voice, it's about being the most relevant one. People want brands they can trust. By consistently delivering relevant, useful information, you can build a relationship with consumers that results in quality leads and sustainable sales.

Expect more from marketing

As a sales person or business owner, you should expect well qualified leads from your marketing department. Content marketing is a key enabler and, when combined with a marketing automation system, can provide a steady stream of sales-ready leads.

Get more leads

Learn more about how to establish a meaningful conversation with prospective customers and leverage the right technology to deliver genuine leads and sustained sales.


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