Who, what, why - the ins and outs of B2B content marketing

You've probably heard of it, as a B2B marketer, however what you read all seems to refer to B2C examples. Learn here how content marketing can help when you sell to other businesses.

We live in a world that's highly saturated with marketing messages. As a B2B marketer you have to help people further their careers and business fortunes - not just grab attention and achieve instant gratification. You need a way to stand out from your competitors and develop a relationship with potential buyers - this is where content marketing comes in.

In the 6 month period from December 2014 to June 2015, the number of Google searches for “content marketing” in Australia and New Zealand has increased by 23%
— Google

You can't fool Google any more!

In November 2013, Google changed their search algorithms to favour authentic, quality content. This means that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), has changed from a model where "back-linking" and the quantity of "any old content" will no longer improve your search ranking.

Authenticity means original content, as well as thought leadership and relevance. The content you now produce and publish online and through social channels now directly impacts the prominence you will get when someone is searching for your products and services. Content marketing is the key to unlocking the most powerful lead sources today: Search and Social.


Building awareness and coaxing people to consider your product is now about the spreading of ideas and people making connections to those ideas, through and with other people.

Providing customers with relevant and valuable content helps them understand your offering, and connect them to what you stand for and what you promise your buyers.

The new word of mouth

Flaunting your expertise with memorable and unique content is not just about standing out from the crowd - it is about increasing brand awareness through the sharing of ideas. It used to be that getting column inches in publications were the key, now with so much of our viewing and media consumption habits changing, it is about touching more channels with tailored content and ideas to generate buzz.

People we trust and feel a connection with are where we are getting ideas to help further our personal business success.


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